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Why retain us? - MCH Media Systems Group

By: Randy Willis, MCH Supervisory Consultant


Collaborate with MCH Media Systems Group!

For more than 35 years, our Media Systems Group has developed solutions that meet the demands of our clients for innovative designs that are flexible enough to adapt to rapidly changing technology, while still meeting budgetary goals.

So, why retain MCH Media Systems Group for your project?

Benefits of Working with MCH Media Systems Group

There are several aspects to consider:

Experience - Our professional consultants and engineers have a diverse, extensive, practical industry expertise to help our clients navigate their most challenging technology issues from concept to completion. Individually, our consultants have worked for some of the most successful integrators in the industry, facilitating designs that are well-considered and constructable. We strive to broaden our skill sets to ensure that we are at the forefront of the latest industry innovations.

Passion – Consulting is more than just a job to us; it’s a passion. We work with a wide range of clients across different industries, geographies, and cultures, which continuously imparts inspiration and motivation. We thrive on the intellectual challenge that consulting work provides. We always enjoy working with others to achieve a common goal. To stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and best practices we encourage continual learning as part of our fundamental culture. MCH is a Learning Organization, and prioritizes personal and professional growth through shared knowledge. We contribute regularly to professional society initiatives, and we are educators at industry events.

Creativity – With close to a century of combined team experience, we have just about seen it all and done it all. We lean on this experience as a deep well of successful solutions and learned lessons from which to draw innovative solutions to complex design challenges. Procurement challenges are now a regular occurrence, often requiring a pivot in media systems designs to accommodate delayed or discontinued equipment. Our extensive knowledge of the marketplace and long-standing relationships with manufacturers allow us to offer the best alternative solutions for our clients.

Collaboration – We can best deliver successful results when we know what success means to you. Good design is a collaborative process of discovery requiring patience, experience, and communication. We ask the right questions to find out what our clients want to achieve, and also what’s important to them. Maybe it’s performance, or aesthetics, or maybe the budget is the main driver. We listen. We enjoy collaborating closely with our colleagues and clients to develop creative solutions to complex problems, while communicating to them in a manner that is clearly understood.

Value – As independent consultants we have no vested interest in recommending any equipment beyond providing the best and most cost-effective solutions for our client. Our only business is consulting, and we always strive to maximize value for our clients. We can review applications for payment to ensure that the contractor’s compensation and work progress are kept in sync. We provide objective sign-off criteria for system performance and installation so that the client will be satisfied that the system performs as designed before final payment is released.

Services provided by MCH Media Systems Group:

In short, the MCH Media Systems Group is team of highly qualified experts in AV, IT, and Access Control that can quickly assess project needs, and offer cost-effective and creative solutions. MCH Acoustics is also eager to provide skilled guidance for seamlessly integrated solutions.


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