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Valley Presbyterian Church Renovation

The renovation of the 650-seat Valley Presbyterian Church provides the church community with a majorly renovated Sanctuary Building, Music Center for choir rehearsal, Teen Ministry Spaces, Meeting Rooms, and Offices.

Prior to the renovation, the Sanctuary Building struggled with intrusive HVAC noise and room acoustics which lacked the acoustical response desirable for traditional worship services unable to accommodate contemporary worship, thereby dividing the worship services and parishioners across two separate buildings.

The Sanctuary Building is now transformed into an immersive multipurpose space to suit the needs of both traditional worship style with choir, organ & spoken word, as well as contemporary worship style with amplified praise band. The space is outfitted with a state-of-the-art Meyer Constellation system which allows for detailed tuning of reverberation time, clarity, and immersion to suit the desired room acoustic characteristics for any musical performance genre. This immersive design also features an HD projector system, capable of projecting immersive landscape imagery on the acoustically absorptive side walls providing a wonderful visually and aurally enveloping experience.

MCH provided full-scope acoustical and AV consulting.



Paradise Valley, AZ


Square ft:

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