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Paseo Del Rey Church Renovation

Paseo Del Rey Church completed an interior renovation in 2013, which included upgrading the interior visual aesthetics and acoustics of their Worship Center.

Prior to the renovation, the room surfaces were plain and sound-reflective, resulting in harsh and muddled sound. Speech and music were unclear and unpleasant.

The goal was to design cost-effective combinations of panels that varied in their thickness, colors, sizes, and acoustic responses, that would be relatively simple to install, that would be durable, that would not need to extend up onto ceiling, and that would provide textures that look and sound great.

The end results are unanimously popular, both visually and acoustically. Reverberation times dropped from uncomfortable and excessive 1.7 seconds to under one second. Speech and music are bright and clear. Presenters and musicians are confident in their deliveries. Most importantly, parishioners are swept up into the services.

MCH provided acoustical consulting services.



Chula Vista, CA


Square ft:

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