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All Saints by the Sea

All Saints-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in Montecito, CA was built in 1900, and had become seismically unstable. Evaluations and designs began in 2016 for seismic strengthening, as well as updating the altar, choir areas, and overall acoustics, including a new organ to replace the failing pipe organ.

The church had a low ceiling and relatively small volume, which enhanced the clarity of speech sounds but were inhospitable for organ and choir music. Our acoustical involvement initially concentrated on evaluating locations for the organ pipes for a new tracker organ would best allow for smooth distribution and lush envelopment throughout the space. Even with the cost-effective opportunity to lower the floor by 18 inches, which is still beneficial for the choir and congregation, and after evaluation of electronic reverberation enhancement, the final decision was to install a high-quality digital organ. MCH also provided an environmental sound study of the neighboring area, to assure the City and neighbors that even with a new organ, the outdoor sound levels would not be affected.

Construction was completed after a thorough two-year renovation. The congregation is unreservedly enthusiastic about the results.



Montecito, CA



Square ft:

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