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Studio 637

Hermosa Sound Lab

Studio 637, a recording studio and soundstage offering video production, livestream broadcast, and music production services, called upon MCH to enhance room acoustics for their Live Room renovation.

MCH coordinated with Studio 637 to develop a durable, cost-effective, and attractive design, maintaining the room’s charm while also improving its acoustics.

A wall treatment scheme was developed to feature a handsome slat-wall assembly, providing desirable mid/high frequency diffusion, plus full-range absorption. Distributed ceiling panels deliver a balanced blend of diffusion and absorption.

Some minor rearrangement of gear and equipment maximized useful floor space, and a new storage closet resulted in improved exterior sound isolation.

Studio 637 users are thrilled with the renovated space, and have reported that the new sound of the room is alive, well-balanced, controlled, and clean, among many other positive responses.



Hermosa Beach, CA


Square ft:

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