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The Ravenscroft facility in Scottsdale, AZ features a state of the art recording suite, MIDI workspace, video production workspace, multipurpose classroom, variable acoustic 200-seat Ravenscroft Hall, Jazzbird lounge venue, and piano showroom. Due to strong ties between Bob Ravenscroft and Music Serving the Word there is a also a Chapel, Prayer Room, Offices, and Ministry/Education Gathering space.

The studio suite includes three breakout isolation rooms and a primary tracking room, all with large sound isolation windows for visual connection and cueing. The hall is home to a Meyer Constellation system for instantaneous adaptation of the hall’s acoustical characteristics to suit the needs of any programming. The Jazzbird stage hosts music from popular and up & coming local musicians and is accompanied by a lounge with a fine selection of wine and local craft beers.

Located in close-proximity to Scottsdale Airport, scrupulous attention was paid to aircraft noise mitigation to ensure success of the various noise-sensitive spaces.

MCH provided full-scope acoustical, noise, and vibration consulting for the acoustically sensitive Hall, Recording Suite and Jazzbird lounge.



Scottsdale, AZ



Square ft:

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