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Senior Consultants!

McKay Conant Hoover is excited to announce the promotions of Henry and Zak to Senior Consultants! We are thrilled by their growth as acoustical consultants with MCH for the past 5 years!

Henry Ashburn

Henry is a multifaceted consultant with a valuable range of interests and skills. He is crucial to the technological growth of MCH and continually develops new analysis tools, making our acoustics team increasingly more efficient. Henry has worked on several important MCH projects, including various University of Southern California music facilities, Caltech Linus Pauling Lecture Hall, and California State University Northridge's Soraya Hall. He initiated and leads our vibration measurement/monitoring services. Henry's good attitude, keen attention to details, and clear written communication are much appreciated by our clients. His new role is richly deserved!

Zachery L'Italien

Zak's venerable skills in acoustics, attention to project technical needs, and active participation in professional societies add great value to MCH and our clients' projects. He excels in providing cost-effective solutions, meeting project deadlines and budgets, and addressing sensitive demands. He remains deeply engaged on various important MCH projects, including Clackamas County Courthouse, San Diego State University's Main Stage Renovation and New Second Stage, and Hayward Performing Arts Center. Zak is an invaluable asset to MCH, to our clients, and to our professional colleagues. His fine attitude, attention to detail, and clear communication skills are often acknowledged by colleagues and clients. We are thrilled for his promotion!


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