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Sacramento Memorial Auditorium*

Opened in 1927, this is among the most recognizable and beloved buildings in the Sacramento Delta and is listed on the National Historic Register. The venue has drawn audiences to a variety of events, from Big Bands and violin virtuosos to the Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones. More recently, it has hosted Death Cab for Cutie, The Killers, and Lana Del Rey. With its unique and readily tiltable main wood floor, it permits an unusually broad range of functions, serving as the venue of choice for not only entertainment and sporting events but meetings, conferences, banquets, receptions and speaking engagements.

MCH was engaged in 2016 to study the feasibility and means by which the 3,900-seat venue could adequately serve as a temporary home for not only its usual functions, but also (while Sacramento’s Community Center Theater underwent renovation) the Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra, the Broadway Theater series, Ballet, Choral and the other programming normally served by the SCCT.

MCH provided comprehensive acoustical and audiovisual consulting services including design of variable acoustic features, upgraded audio, and (for orchestral performances) an array of overhead reflectors and a near-custom portable orchestra shell.



Sacramento, CA




Square ft:

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