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Garrison Theater Renovation*

Scripps College

Built in 1962, the 700-seat, 25,000sf Garrison Theater at Scripps College was renovated during the $12M Performing Arts Center expansion. Additions to the center included a 110-seat variable acoustics recital/rehearsal/lecture hall, numerous new music faculty studios, multiple practice rooms, music library, and offices.

During critical listening and benchmark testing of Garrison’s initial state, it was apparent that the preponderance of sound was directed to the absorptive rear wall surfaces, wounding reverberance and any sense of envelopment. Additionally, the HVAC system noise required it be “off” during performances.

Once the stage redesign was underway to accommodate the expanded music program, MCH experimented with physical scale models, testing various concepts with laser light substituting for "sound rays" reflecting off mirrored wall and ceiling surfaces. The highly articulated and tilted rear wall provides early reflections to the rear audience while providing diffusion. The acoustical design required maximizing the room's potential to meet the musicians' needs while meeting the AV requirements for reinforced events and desired visual aesthetics.



Claremont, CA




Square ft:

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