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Mesa Community College Performing Arts Center

Mericopa Community College

The centerpiece of this facility is the new 460-seat multipurpose, variable acoustics theater designed to accommodate, both acoustically and theatrically, a broad range of performance from lecture to drama to both unamplified and amplified music. In addition to the main theater, a full complement of back of house spaces, including performance classrooms, music rehearsal and practice spaces, faculty offices, and a performance lobby space, are outfitted into an old 24,500sf movie house.

Among the acoustical challenges were achieving, within the old theater construction, appropriate sound-isolation against not only interior adjacencies but mitigation of severe impacts from a major highway, just 150ft from the building facade. The theater achieves range of reverberation time adjustment from 1.1s to 1.9s.

MCH provided full-scope acoustical and AV throughtout the renovatoin and expansion.



Mesa, AZ




Square ft:

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