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Colburn School for Performing Arts & Music Conservatory

Colburn School for Performing Arts

The Colburn School Performing Arts & Music Conservatory facility includes the 400-seat Zipper Concert Hall with variable acoustics, a 100-seat "Master Class" rehearsal and recital hall, an orchestra rehearsal room, dance studios, music teaching studios, practice rooms, and numerous classrooms. Also included is the relocated Jascha Heifetz recording studio designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The studio was originally constructed in Beverly Hills, and was relocated following Heifetz's death.

Zipper Hall features eight vertical velour curtains that move and store longitudinally down the length of the hall above its sound-transparent but visually semi-opaque wood hoops. The hall's reverberation time can vary by about 1s.

MCH provided full scope acoustical and sound system consulting.



Los Angeles, CA




Square ft:

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