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Brentwood School Arts Campus

The new 4-story building built into the hillside of Brentwood, CA features a multi-use Black Box theater, variable acoustic choral/instrument rehearsal room, music practice rooms, a film editing suite, a drama rehearsal room, and dance rehearsal room classrooms as well as science labs, faculty offices, library, cafeteria, commercial kitchen, student patios, and an artificial turf soccer field. This building represents the first of many phases in a 30-year educational and master plan aimed at improving student experiences, as well as improving neighbor relationships.

The theater provides 286 seats on a retractable riser system, an array of compound-curved overhead reflectors for enhanced speech intelligibility and sound distribution, slatted side-walls with absorption behind select portions, and an upstage wood wall with acoustical shaping and integrated acoustical “kicker” shelves.

From a faculty review of the first student performance in November, 2019 ... “... the audience was wowed by stage lighting that transported us to an eerie autumn night... and strong acoustics that allowed the students to project their voices to the back of the house."

MCH provided full-scope acoustical consulting.



Brentwood, CA




Square ft:

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