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Alaska Native Heritage Center

This remarkable facility sits on 26-acres of private land in Northeast Anchorage. It was created for the Indigenous Cultures of Alaska to share and celebrate their rich heritage — a building that would respect and showcase the diverse cultures. Collaborative visioning sessions with Native Elders resulted in multi-use facilities that blend with interpretive exhibits, and provide a rich experience for the Alaskan Natives and their 135,000 annual visitors.

As an introductory film ends in the 103-seat Theater, a wall slides away, exposing the panorama of the five cultural galleries, each representing one of the primary indigenous groups and providing interpretive exhibits and a working studio for artisans of each culture. A large, open, circular Gathering Place for 440 guests offers performances and a rural travel information kiosk. In summer months, studios expand their function outside, creating a natural transition to the outdoor exhibits. There, in a village circle, are five traditional village exhibits and a talking circle, where Native games are demonstrated on the trail that circles the two acre lake. MCH provided full-scope acoustical design and AV planning.



Anchorage, AK




Square ft:

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