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Allosphere Research Facility

UC Santa Barbara

The University of Santa Barbara Allosphere Research Lab at California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI) was completed in February 2007, culminating 5 years of research, design and construction. It is a dual-site institute providing interdisciplinary research laboratories for sophisticated imaging, spectroscopy, nanofabrication, digital media research.

The hemianechoic Allosphere is a 3-story high spherical space in which fully immersive, interactive, stereoscopic and pluriphonic virtual environments can be experienced. It enables works in which art and science contribute equally and serve as an advanced research instrument in two overlapping senses. It is an ideal instrument for innovative research in fields such as distributed computing, networking or system modeling. The Allosphere also serves the needs of the nanosystems scientists, enabling them to better envision, three-dimensionally, the spatial relationships among the nanostructures they develop.

MCH provided full-scope acoustical design services.



Santa Barbara, CA




Square ft:

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