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Toyota of Santa Barbara

Serving the Santa Barbara Area, this Toyota dealership service center needed to relocate their open-air service bays to accommodate revised setbacks for the city of Goleta, prompting a sound study to examine the effects of the relocated bays.

MCH was tapped to ensure that the neighboring residences and hotel would not be affected by the service noise with the relocation plan.

The study included a comprehensive site survey of existing service bay noise levels, observing and measuring effects of the attenuation provided by the current bay structures, which serve as acoustic barriers, and quantifying the amount of noise reduction due to the relocation.

Salient points of this project included estimating noise levels that accurately portrayed the service center’s busiest hours, understanding what noises from the service bays might impact the overall noise levels, and understanding the frequency of those occurrences.

Our efforts verified a satisfactory solution to fulfill the city’s noise ordinance.



Santa Barbara, CA


Square ft:

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