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Carwash Facilities (multiple)


Environmental noise is of great concern in a variety of projects. MCH regularly advises on issues related to exterior noise, ranging from major transportation systems to amphitheaters to aircraft noise to mechanical equipment to carwashes and more! The demand for carwash noise control keeps increasing as residential and commercial developments grow closer. Carwashes use a variety of noisy equipment including dryer-blowers, vacuums, and air blow-off nozzles. Noise levels at neighboring properties depend on loudness, location, orientation, and frequency spectrum. We identify the problematic noise sources and tailor noise control solutions to properly mitigate noise.

MCH acoustical scope develops naturally for each project, and may include the following:

- Site visits to measure background and carwash noises

- Prediction of noise levels during carwash operation

- Review of applicable codes & ordinances

- Cost-effective noise control to satisfy municipal codes

MCH applies extensive firm experience in noise control design to arrive at successful and cost-effective solutions to satisfy each project’s goals.


Ventura County, CA


Square ft:

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