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Stephens Performing Arts Center

Idaho State University

Within the Stephens Performing Arts Center is the 1200-seat Jensen Grand Concert Hall, the 450-seat Bistline Theater (thrust stage), the 250-seat Rogers Black Box Theater, plus several classrooms and support spaces.

The Jensen is home to the University's several music programs including symphony (joint with the Idaho State Civic Symphony), choral, band, and several jazz groups. To accomplish this range of uses, it features custom-designed variable acoustic cavities at the upper level to adjust the broadband reverberation time by up to 1s. The hall was extensively modeled in CATT-Acoustic to optimize the design while targeting average acoustic parameters close to those of the 5 greatest halls in Europe and the USA.

The Bistline thrust stage is known for its fantastic speech intelligibility (irrespective of the actor's location or orientation) and houses a tension grid over the acting platform, 2 ringing catwalks over the audience, upper side wall shaping, and overhead sound reflectors to reinforce unamplified speech.

MCH Provided full-scope acoustical and audiovisual consulting for the entire facility.



Pocatello, ID




Square ft:

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