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Multi-Disciplinary Building M, Liberal Arts Campus

Long Beach City College

LBCC's new 3-story Multi-Disciplinary building, "Building M", features a tiered 63-seat film studies classroom, a 80-seat lecture hall, DSPS (Disabled Students Programs & Services) wing, main study area with breakout rooms, cyber security lab, makerspace, numerous computer labs, foreign language labs, and faculty offices.

Within the DSPS wing are two testing centers, a meeting room, and faculty offices. Due to speech privacy concerns within this wing, walls and doors were designed for a moderately high level of sound isolation and the mechanical sytem was designed to minimize unwanted crosstalk between spaces. A relatively noisy braille embosser was located within one of the testing centers, so a dedicated room was outfitted for that machine to minimize distractions to the students during testing.

The tiered film studies classroom features a very short reverberation time and an especially quiet background noise level (below NC-20) for optimum film-viewing.

MCH provided full-scope acoustical consulting.



Long Beach, CA




Square ft:

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