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MIT 10-250 Lecture Hall

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT’s primary lecture hall and most significant space is known simply as Room 10-250. For nearly a century, thousands of students have listened to lectures by Nobel Prize winners and other world-renowned figures, attended demonstrations, watched movies, and enjoyed student group performances.

The 450-seat lecture hall renovation supported high intelligibility without need for electronic reinforcement regardless of various teaching styles, allowed for class recordings, offered various AV modes, provided very quiet HVAC, installed technology and power distribution infrastructure, improved sound isolation, and minimized construction noise during an eight-month renovation.

The ceiling height was raised, resulting in a more spacious feel and better lighting, including natural light from rear windows. A large acoustical “cloud” was designed above the lecturer’s area, enhancing sound projection both to and from the seats, and hiding the various electrical, audio, and mechanical support systems. Adjacent and ancillary spaces were modified and updated, generally enhancing this entire section of the main building. The multi-million dollar renovation within the iconic main domed building was completed in August 2008, in time for fall semester.

Acoustical consulting provided as a Cavanaugh Tocci Associates project by K. Anthony Hoover, FASA Principal Consultant.



Cambridge, MA


Square ft:

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