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Barry’s Seattle

This location was the first Barry's installation in the Pacific Northwest. MCH was retained to assess the feasibility of inserting this loud venue with jumping impacts directly under sensitive high-end apartments. A quiet furniture store previously occupied the space, so special care was required to avoid surprises upstairs. Analysis of our field measurements of both sound and structural vibration propagation indicated that this could be an acceptable location if well-considered isolation measures were implemented.

Full box-in-box construction was designed and detailed on top of a lift-slab vibration isolation system. All new HVAC was designed to be sandwiched between the 1,500sf studio space and living units above. Post-installation measurements with full classes running on treadmills concurrent with typical music sound levels confirmed the acoustic goals had been achieved. Most importantly, residents were entirely unaware of any activities directly beneath their apartments.



Seattle, WA



Square ft:

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