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MCH at ASA Nashville 2022

Four MCHers presented several papers at the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) conference in Nashville, December 5-9, 2022.

Topics included sound isolation of recording studios, concert hall reputations over time, and the stories of how two of our consultants entered the field of acoustical consulting. As always, the ASA live-music JAM, largely coordinated by Tony Hoover, was a major hit!

MCH Principals also chaired two unusually well-received sessions. Tony Hoover co-chaired a session on Recording Studios, and Tony and Dave Conant co-chaired the acclaimed, and always a crowd-pleaser session, Architectural Acoustics: Even Better Than the Real Thing.

MCH Principals, Dave and Tony, in Nashville

See paper abstracts below.


Sound isolation of recording studios. (2pAA8)

By Tony Hoover

Sound isolation to and from quality recording studios is critical to their success. Proper design based on informed understanding of both airborne and structureborne transmission is essential, because retrofitting isolation can be challenging or even prohibitive, and because one-size-fits-all recommendations may be unsatisfactory. This presentation will review some issues and evaluation methods that help to guide successful, cost-effective designs. Also discussed will be examples including a world-class studio with remarkable history that was encroached by an expanded loud facility, floated constructions that were not actually floated, and an approach that has helped

to convince clients of the level of required isolation.


Concert hall reputations versus reality over time, for better or worse? (3pAA3)

By David Conant, FASA

The acoustical reputations of many concert halls provide a curious study of human nature as illuminating as their acoustical attributes. This paper reveals how the reputations of 7 prominent halls that opened between 1880 and 1978 have morphed and offers conjec-ture as to the reasons. Discussed briefly, are Troy Music Hall (1875), Carnegie Hall (1891), Boston Symphony Hall (1900),Philharmonic Hall (1962), Phoenix Symphony Hall (1973) and Boettcher Concert Hall (1978). Each has undergone renovations and met with varying public reaction.


Education to practice, the stories of two early-career acousticians. (4pED3)

By Zachery L'Italien and Henry Ashburn

This presentation will highlight several key educational and extracurricular endeavors that have enriched the careers of two recent Michigan Technological University graduates. Examples include experiences at Michigan Technological University, such as diffuser modelling and construction projects with professionals in acoustics, broad course material, and excellent faculty mentorship. Addition-ally discussed topics include internship opportunities, professional development, and firsthand technical experience in performing arts and studio environments.


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