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John Adams Middle School (JAMS) Featured in Arch Daily

MCH's John Adams Middle School (JAMS) Performing Arts Center project with HGA Architects was recently featured in Arch Daily.

The new Center will be used by both the Santa Monica-Malibu U.S.D. and Santa Monica, creating a cultural hub for the performing arts in the community, enhancing the arts for both entities. The 750-seat auditorium is designed to be exceptionally quiet, well isolated from exterior sound, and provide maximized flexibility of the room's acoustics through the use of a Meyer Constellation system, which will have a several presets for a wide variety of program types.

In addition to its state-of-the-art auditorium, the Center will be complemented by a large flexible rehearsal space for both music and dance, several practice rooms, classrooms, offices and libraries for orchestra, band, and choir.

MCH is thrilled to have provided full-scope Acoustical Consulting Services. The projected is scheduled to open in the spring of this year.

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