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Gilbert Public Safety Training Facility Is Now Open!

The Town of Gilbert, AZ Public Safety Training Facility opened in February 2021. This 50-acre facility serves as a state-of-the-art comprehensive training grounds for police and fire personnel.

Notable features include a Tiered Auditorium for large group instruction and events, several practical, tactical, and multipurpose Classrooms, a unique "Big Box" flexible training area with catwalks and mezzanine which can be used to simulate virtually any scenario, a Firing Range, Driver Training Outdoor Instruction Area and all appropriate Office and ancillary spaces.

MCH's Media Systems Group was an essential part of the facility's success, designing carefully-considered network-based audio and video systems for future-proof functionality and limitless flexibility.

MCH Acoustics provided sound isolation, mechanical noise control and interior finish treatment recommendations for various acoustically important rooms within the facility building, with a focus on classrooms and shooting range. Occupants of the 250+ seat tiered classroom enjoy carefully optimized wall and ceiling shaping for enhanced speech intelligibility and sound distribution. Additionally, MCH’s Acoustics team conducted an initial noise survey of existing driving training facilities to identify and characterize the sound associated with various track areas and training activities.

Enjoy this video from Gilbert Digital, which introduces and gives an overview of the facility!

Read more about the project on Gilbert, AZ's website.

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