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  • Dave Conant

Top 25 University Performing Arts Centers

For the 2nd year in a row, "Best Value Schools" lists 4 of MCH's Higher Ed PACs among the top 25 in the United States... including the #1!

See it HERE!

From "The best university performing arts centers are designed not only for the benefit of those studying the arts but also as a way to help enrich the community of which they’re a part. They act as a window to the larger world of performing arts by staging high-quality productions and attracting top professional talent to teach and perform.

Many centers contain multiple theaters, classrooms, and recital halls that enhance a student’s performing arts education and offer students and the public access to a variety of exceptional events. All these centers provide arts programming with the intention of engaging the local community, and often include lectures, dance performances, concerts, and recitals. The following performing arts centers were chosen for their enduring commitment to arts education as well as their desire to provide exceptional arts programming to the public at the highest levels"

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