B. Architecture, M. Architecture, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1975
M.A. Geophysics, Columbia University, 1972
B.S. Physics, Union College, 1968
NSF Summer Seismic Institute, Stanford University, 1977

Societies and Honors:
Acoustical Society of America, Fellow 
Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics, Member 
National Council of Acoustical Consultants, Past Vice President, Finance 
Sigma Xi Honorary Scientific Research Society, Member 

Dave Conant is a generalist in architectural acoustics, whose broad educational background and professional experience contributes to an especially unique perspective, blending science and architectural design. He has over forty years of consulting experience with room acoustics and noise & vibration control, in all building types, at all levels of sophistication. As Senior Consultant for 10 years with Bolt Beranek Newman Inc, and as co-founder of MCB (now MCH) in 1987, Dave has directed nearly 1,300 projects across the country, and internationally. His broad experience includes performing arts centers, educational facilities, corporate and conference facilities, museums, libraries and government buildings. He also maintains an enviable reputation in media production and postproduction facilities.

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