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The Trinity Church Renovation

Scottsdale, AZ

Designed by architect E. Logan Campbell, this mid-century modern circular church building and adjacent drive-in facility first opened in 1966 in Scottsdale, AZ and was known as the Glass and Garden Church. The drive-in facility was one of only a handful across the country, equipped with movie speakers as well as capability to tune in to the sermons on the radio, allowing parishioners to comfortably listen in their own upholstery. In 2016, the interior was remodelled for a new faith community and was renamed The Trinity Church.

Trinity Church focused on a more robust digital and online presence, emphasizing live and recorded sermons, music, and other visual media. MCH was tasked to provide cost-effective acoustical solutions, based on field measurements and critical listening, for increased speech clarity and intelligibility, to mitigate excessive low frequency reverberation, and to control undesirable reflections from the center glass dome. 

MCH helped develop multiple treatment schemes for review by the Church Committee.  One such treatment scheme offered for the acoustically-challenged dome was a series of vertically suspended baffles that ring the circumference of the dome, while still allowing for a clear view of the multi-faceted skylight dome.


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