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St. Clare Chapel

Franciscan Renewal Center

Paradise Valley, AZ

The St. Clare Blessed Sacrament Chapel at the Franciscan Renewal Center provides a peaceful and quiet meditation  space for the Roman Catholic community of Paradise Valley, AZ.  The church is led by the Franciscan Order of Friars Minor in cooperation with The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. 

The small, very intimate building is designed to become a background for the church entrance, becoming nearly invisible.  The architecture is tied into the existing architecture of the church building, yet does not detract from the entrance or Jubilee Gate.

To showcase the abundant Arizona sunlight, existing stained glass panels were used atop the outer wall as colored and patterned shadow markers.  This materially alters the ceiling’s appearance depending on time of day and season.  The interior is entirely clad in solid walnut, with seats carved into walls.  

The acoustical goals for the chapel were to ensure it was especially quiet and free of reverberation in order to foster undisturbed contemplative meditation.  MCH was responsible for guiding HVAC design, sound isolation and selection of appropriate finish materials.

Architect: coLAB Studio, LLC

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