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Hawes Hall Renovations

Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 

The Graduate School at Harvard Business School is well known for case study methodology, utilizing collaborative discussions by all participants, and requiring excellent acoustics for speech intelligibility from all locations throughout the 65-person and 96-person classrooms. 

These eight classrooms required a feeling of intimacy to promote detailed discussions, yet were intended to suggest a type of live theater that would allow professors to move around within the classrooms.

Sound isolation constructions & details and mechanical system noise & vibration control were designed to eliminate distractions and intrusions, regardless of other activities in or near the building.

All aspects of finish treatments and surface shaping were tailored to promote effortlessness of natural voice communication regardless of locations of speakers or listeners, and also to enhance performance of the sophisticated audio-visual systems.

The renovated Hawes Hall opened in April 2002 to unanimous praise and great acclaim.

Architects: Einhorn Yaffee Prescott, Boston Office

Acoustical consulting provided as a Cavanaugh Tocci Associates, Sudbury, MA, project, K. Anthony Hoover, FASA, Principal Consultant.

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