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Virginia Piper Theater Renovation

Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts
Scottsdale, AZ 

Scottsdale, Arizona's first prominent arts and performing arts center, completed its first significant renovation in its 30 year history. MCH provided full-scope acoustical and AV consulting for the City-owned Piper, along with its fully refurbished multi-use, large atrium lobby.  It now  features greater capacity, new side gallery seating, a far quieter and all-new HVAC system, an acoustically proper new orchestra shell and proscenium eyebrow, acoustical cheek walls, a fully upgraded AV system and is outfited to accommodate the latest state-of-the art reverberation enhancement system.

  • 838 seat Multi-purpose, fixed-acoustics theater for music and drama

  • Full HVAC replacement

  • Lobby overhaul and expansion

  • $14M Construction Cost

Architect:    John Douglas, FAIA
Completion:  2009

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