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Victoria Hall Theatre

Santa Barbara, CA

This $11.5M comprehensive renovation to the 92-year old former church was completed in 2013, and is permanent home to the Ensemble Theatre.

An entirely new stagehouse with 55-foot fly loft soars above the generous stage, replacing the shallow platform and adjacent public rooms.  A single bank of 294 seats eliminates a balcony and vastly improves sightlines to the entire proscenium stage.  A new interior envelope isolates exterior noise while maintaining the venerable stained glass windows that are illuminated from within during all theater functions.  Bold wall panels integrate ornamental details in a manner that is said to feel at once big and intimate, which along with attention to ceiling design and exposed open catwalk provide a warm ambience with clear sound projection.

All support and ancillary spaces have been expanded and modernized, including the massive basement with spacious dressing rooms and large stage trap, revamped lobby and restrooms, and expanded stage wings.  Entry landings and the adjacent inner courtyard have been revitalized for improved access, outdoor pre-functions and refreshments, and improved integration into the local landscape.

Reference:  Jason Currie, PMSM Architects   805.963.1955


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