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Morgan Auditorium

University of Laverne

Laverne, CA

Founders Hall had undergone only minimal upgrades since its construction in 1926 and utilization had diminished in recent years due to deterioration. The design goal, in addition to preserving its historic fabric, was to re-create its original splendor yet expand the performance and audience space. Improvements included acoustics, sightlines, backstage areas, theatrical rigging, A/V equipment, and adjustments to the HVAC system for thermal comfort and noise reduction.  Interior aesthetics and acoustics were enhanced by expanding the stage, adding new theatrical and architectural lighting, wood shutters for light control, vestibules at the entrances, new seating and finishes.

Upon a $4.2M renovation completed in 2011, the 390-seat venue was renamed Morgan Auditorium and today is used extensively for guest lectures and music recitals by both university and community.  It finally meets an important need for a high-quality performance and program venue fostering a more robust music department and attracting more students interested in music performance.  MCH provided full-scope acoustical consulting and AV planning.

Reference:  Monisha Adnani, Architect    805.963.1955


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