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Ardrey Auditorium

Northern Arizona University

Flagstaff, AZ

This 1500-seat, early 1970s multipurpose hall underwent the first phase of a long-overdue renovation and is the 4th hall by famed acoustician and UCLA Chancellor Dr. Vern Knudson, for which MCH has been retained.  While it needs to maintain its current acoustic during non-amplified events, its amplified events require significant improvement in both electronics and the associated room acoustical response.

In 2008, MCH acoustical and AV consultants engaged in a thorough examination of the room’s acoustical “baseline signature” including reverberation time measurements scrutiny of the audio systems and infrastructure, HVAC systems and critical listening during a variety of rehearsals.  Together with close communication with the design team and University stakeholders, this resulted in foundational recommendations to initiate Schematic Design;  however, the project then went on hiatus until 2011.

Beginning November, 2011 Ardrey received new seating, major modifications to its balcony rake, acoustical re-shaping and accommodation for variable acoustics and reconfigured audio systems and control as well as ADA-compliance.  Work completed by 2012 for this first phase, covering 189,000sf for approximately $7.5M.

Reference: Beau Dromiack, AIA  

          or     Kathy Batalli, Sr. Program Coord. 


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