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Popejoy Hall & Keller Recital Hall

University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM

Popejoy Hall serves UNM's needs, the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra, and the City as their prime roadshow venue. MCH designed a major renovation resulting in improved audience access, easier stage operations, and most importantly, amazingly versatile acoustics with reverberation extending from 1.2 to 2.2 seconds. The Hall works beautifully for unamplified poetry readings from stage, full orchestra and everything in between.  Popejoy is now among the finest halls of its size. Keller Recital Hall, hosting 150 concerts annually, including the Composers Symposium, a week of concerts and lectures by national and international composers was modified to extend its reverberation time range. In 2007, UNM retained MCH again to assist in selecting all new seating for the venue, to ensure that its fine acoustical signature would be retained.

  • 1,985 seats, adding variable acoustics

  • 330 seats renovated variable acoustics


Architect: BOORA    Virtual Tour of Popejoy Hall
Completion: 1996 (1st) and 2007 (2nd)

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