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Performing Arts Chapel

Fuller Theological Seminary
Pasadena, CA 

The concept of two wing-like walls stems from the image of praying or embracing hands, a gesture often seen in Fuller’s worship services. MCH is providing full-scope acoustical and audiovisual consulting with as executive architects. The main chapel provides 400 movable seats on a flat floor for conventional worship services, conferences and serious music performance. Variable acoustics will offer a reverberation time adjustment from nearly 3 sec. (for the pipe organ with antiphonal) down to 1.5sec. for the spoken word. Oversized rear projection screens will serve all anticipated needs in conjunction with sophisticated but discrete audio systems and control. Below is a music recording/rehearsal space and multiple training rooms.

  • 400 seat Performing Arts Chapel plus 200-seat platform occupancy

  • 25,000sf

  • $18M Construction Cost (est.)

Architect: William McDonough (design) with House and Robertson
Completion: est. 2012

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