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Kitt Recital Hall

Northern Arizona University (NAU)

Flagstaff, AZ

Northern Arizona University's renovated and expanded Music Building on the NAU Flagstaff campus recently opened featuring the state-of-the art, 250-seat Kitt Recital Hall, rehearsal and practice room spaces for instrumental and vocal studies, as well as choral and instrument libraries.  Kitt connects directly to the adjacent Ardrey Memorial Auditorium, a previous MCH renovation project in 2011.  RSP Architectsheaded this project as they did for the Ardrey renovation.  MCH provided full-scope acoustical consulting for the entire renovation and expansion.

Kitt opened with a performance by pianist Jeffrey Swan, NAU’s distinguished artist in residence, with whom MCH worked to tune the hall's variable acoustics.  In addition to tracks of variable acoustic drapery which can extend all around the upper level of the room and behind performers, the hall features compound-curved wood overhead and side-wall reflectors to ensure sound from the stage is uniformly distributed across the stage as well as out to audience.

Kitt's variable acoustics Reverberation Time ranges between 1.0 to 1.5 seconds in mid frequencies while its HVAC background noise reaches as low as NC20 on the stage, typical of the finest halls of its type anywhere. 


Visit their website here for ticket and contact information.

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