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Hind Hall Renovation

Music Academy of the West

Montecito, CA

The Music Academy of the West is a preeminent school for highly-gifted young classically-trained musicians from around the world.

The new Hind Hall Teaching Studio Building is located in the heart of the campus, and houses two large ensemble rehearsal rooms – the Gondos String Quartet Studio and the Lehrer Percussion Studio – plus six large faculty teaching studios in its 6,000 sq ft structure. It features a new central courtyard, redesigned loading dock, and controlled environments for instruments storage and general campus use.

The Academy maintained all of its regular campus functions and business hours throughout construction of the $4.4 million project.

All music rooms are fully isolated with box-in-box construction, and conditioned with virtually inaudible HVAC.  Each room is individually treated for optimal sound diffusion, balanced with scattered absorptive treatment, providing rich acoustics with extreme clarity.


Architect:  PMSM Architects, Santa Barbara, CA


New Construction, Completed July 2017

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