Vilar Center for Arts

Beaver Creek, CO

A high-end, technically-unusual, handsome, and successful auditorium rests in the center of the Beaver Creek Resort Community. The theater was programmed for acoustical excellence with small symphony chamber orchestras, chorus, jazz, popular music, dance, drama, musical theater as well as meeting and conventions.  Because the room's acoustical volume was constrained by being buried between an ice rink above and underground river below, MCH acoustically-coupled the stage volume into the hall to extend its reverberance for orchestra. The theater is both warm and intimate- visually and acoustically. With its variable-acoustics, the hall provides both rich reverberant and envelopmental acoustics for music and clear speech intelligibility.

  • 520 seat variable acoustics hall

  • 27,000 sf total facility

  • $8M construction cost

Architect:         Pfeiffer Partners
Completion:       1998