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Morrison School of Agribusiness

Arizona State University (ASU), Polytechnic Campus

Mesa, AZ

The 41,000sf Commissary on the old 'campus' of Williams Air Force Base was fully remodeled into an exciting academic facility with specialty classrooms, labs and lecture hall by Jones Studio Architects in 2004. MCH provided full-scope acoustical consulting.  Included is a Marketing Resarch Lab with an Observation/Control Room, Consumer Behavior Research Lab, Food Prep Lab, Pre-Vet labs and tiered Pre-Vet lecture room/Lab, a finely outfitted all-purpose presentation Lecture Room, Computer Science and Food Science Labs and a variety of support wet- and dry- applied biology laboratories.  

The $4.7M CM@R project presented the significant acoustical challenge of providing suitable construction detailing to mitigate to near inaudibility in an immediately-adjacent quiet classroom, a virtual, computer-facilitated golf-swing room generating impulse noise in excess of 113dB!

Reference:   Ms. Laura Davis: 480.727.1509


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