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Media Lab

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Cambridge, MA 

The MIT Media Lab is world renowned for invention and innovation, with its radical integration of art and design with cutting-edge technology.  A unique architectural approach was required to encourage its cross-disciplinary research and collaboration. 


Seven double-height research labs with open views are vertically staggered around a central atrium, promoting strong visual connections, stimulating circulation, and encouraging interaction among researchers.  Common research areas are wrapped by mezzanine offices and interspersed with conference rooms and exhibition areas, all filled with natural light, transparency, and sociability.  The auditorium, meeting rooms, and café are on the top floor, delivering stunning views of the Boston skyline and the Charles River.


Architect: Maki and Associates, Tokyo, Japan

Architect of Record: Leers Weinzapfel Associates Architects, Inc., Boston, MA

Construction cost: $90 million

Size: 163,000 SF on six occupied floors

Completed: March 2010


Acoustical consulting provided as a Cavanaugh Tocci Associates, Sudbury, MA, project, K. Anthony Hoover, FASA, Principal Consultant.

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