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Hayden Library Reinvention

Arizona State University (ASU)

Tempe, AZ

Hayden Library sees nearly 2 million visitors yearly and is an integral part of the student experience at Arizona State University.  Originally built in 1966 at the heart of the campus, the 220,000SF Hayden Library underwent a $90 Million renovation to modernize the building, and add 30,000SF, including a Makerspace, collaborative student spaces, new reading rooms, a highly flexible media studio, a variety of research services and interdisciplinary learning labs, as well as a substantial space dedicated to featuring works by prominent Arizona Artists. 

MCH provided full acoustical consulting services, involving sound isolation, HVAC noise control, and interior finish recommendations. Partitions and room dividers needed to provide openness and access while also maintaining appropriate isolation and acoustic separation.  The chilled beams that replaced the old VAV HVAC system to enhance energy efficiency required special acoustical attention to insure speech privacy and quiet environment. Many interior finishes are integral to the blended composition of the various partitions and ceilings.  

The facility reopened in January 2020.  Results are greatly popular with students and visitors, and Hayden has received numerous design accolades upon opening, including the AIA COTE top ten award, and listed in Architecture News best of design awards for 2020.  In 2021, it won LEED Platinum certification.

Ref.: Eric Zobrist, AIA, LEED      480.921.1515

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