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Sports Academy, Thousand Oaks

Sports Academy

Thousand Oaks, CA

The Sports Academy of Thousand Oaks transformed a large warehouse space in a commercial park into a cutting-edge, multi-platform athletic and fitness facility.  Clients include professional athletes from NBA, NFL, MLB, martial arts, volleyball, track, and other sports, as well as a wide range of elite, student, and enthusiastic athletes.  The facility also includes a comprehensive sports medicine practice for medical therapy and rehabilitation, a biomechanics lab, recovery center, and more.

A large mezzanine area for martial arts is located directly over the medical and lab/therapy/rehab areas, posing a major challenge for sound and impact isolation.   MCH helped design an effective isolation approach, including several limited cuts through the upper and lower floor slabs, constucting the lower offices and labs using separate-stud walls, and gypsum board ceilings fully supported from the wall constructions, independent of the structure above.

MCH also provided guidance for appropriate and durable sound-absorptive finishes and for HVAC noise control.

The results exceeded expectations, and fully satisfied the acoustical goals.  This facility has been extremely successful, and enormously popular.  Until 2020, Sports Academy, Thousand Oaks was named “Mamba Sports Academy” for  Los Angeles Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant.


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