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Portal Spas

King Abdullah Financial District

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

This 195,000gsf project comprises two beacons of the urban King Abdullah Financial District: the Men’s and Women’s Portal Spas which form the gateway to the masterplan. Seen as geologic formations rising from the land they hover over a stone base, and the body of the buildings are dematerialized by an ethereal perforated metal rainscreen. At their core, verdant gardens are carved through all floors opening to natural light. The guest experience is choreographed on three levels of varied light: from sifted light in the atria, or dim relaxation of treatment, to the brighter vaults of the upper pools. MCH is engaged for both acoustical and audiovisual consulting through completion of construction documents and tendering, to ensure an extraordinarily high degree of attention to noise control is achieved while providing suitable intelligibility of all audio material throughout the project. As of June 2013, the project is in construction documents with construction scheduled to begin in 2014. Cost is undisclosed.

  • 195,000gsf

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