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Beverly Wilshire Regent International Hotel Renovation

Beverly Hills, CA

In addition to providing the setting for much of Pretty Woman, this 5-star venue is known to cater to Elvis (no recent sightings), Barb, Elton, and Mick. In 1987, the historic hotel embarked on a major, highly architecturally sensitive transformation under the auspices of Regent International Hotels, into the fine venue it is today - strategically located along Rodeo Drive. MCH provided consultation on all acoustically-important aspects of the entire 341-key facility, from its $ 1,300night suites to its high-end dining room directly above the emergency power generator, to its rooftop kitchen exhausts within 30ft of its highest-priced units. Only the most sensitive hand could be applied in every detail, recognizing the highest possible expectations of the regular clientele.

“It's the attention to detail - the flickering stars in the steam room, the choice of scents in the shower, the spa vanity kit placed in your hands at check-in - that makes The Spa at Beverly Wilshire rank among the best in the city.”

- Angeleno Magazine, January 2008

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