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Phoenix Orpheum Theatre Renovation

Phoenix, AZ 

MCH provided acoustical and AV consulting over several phases on this complete, historic restoration and renovation. Great care was taken to restore all the acoustically-good parts of the original design and subtly modify the acoustically-troublesome parts (severe focusing, excessive reverberance, and noise control). New quiet HVAC was provided, orchestra seating rake was steepened, the pit expanded and deepened and a lift added; the stagehouse was made deeper and taller, sensitive reshaping of the side mural walls and refinishing of the coved and domed ceiling reduced focusing and provided reverberation suitable for the new uses. Today, the venue hosts shows from performance art to ballet to jazz. It was not intended (acoustically) to serve classical music but does so beautifully thanks to MCH’s custom-designed recital screens.


  • 1440 seat Multiple Use Historic Renovation

  • Expanded stage house and orchestra pit

  • All new HVAC

  • New orchestra shell with recital screens

  • $14.2M reconstruction cost


Architect: WRL Design
Completion: 1997 and 2005 (shell)

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