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Angelus Temple Renovation

International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
Los Angeles, CA 

First dedicated on January 1st, 1923, this was the home of Aimee Semple McPherson's fledgling Church of the Foursquare Gospel, and now on the National Register of Historic Places.  In 2002, MCH assisted with acoustical and audiovisual upgrades in the refreshed 3,000 seat contemporary Christian music home for the DreamCenter of the ICFG.  MCH provided full scope acoustical and audiovisual consulting services to provide up to 118dB(C) throughout the room while eliminating the hugely problematic focusing challenges of the central dome. The acoustical solution employs 64 sound absorptive baffles hang from cables attached to the compression ring supporting the edge of the dome. The baffles are uniquely positioned to intercept sound from the chancel loudspeakers on its way up to, or back down from, the reflective dome; they block, absorb, or scatter essentially all of the sound waves in their direction.  Both and music and speech intelligibility requirements were met beautifully, while addressing structural needs and aesthetic requirements of the National Park Service, and even enhancing the dome’s visual drama.

References:      Project Manager: Pastor Murray Hohns

                               Music Minister: Pastor David Hanley

                               Eric Lind, AIA


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