John Anson Ford Theatres - View of "Sound Wall"
John Anson Ford Theatres - View of "Sound Wall"

Widener Memorial Library - Exterior
Widener Memorial Library - Exterior


Angelus Temple Renovation

International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
Los Angeles, CA 

When the Dreamcenter approached the ICFG in late 2001, only a few weeks remained to find and confirm a design direction by which this historically-sensitive space could serve as a new church home for 3,000 with 118dB, uniformly distributed throughout. The reverberation time exceeded 13 seconds in some areas while the echo strength far exceeded the direct sound energy at the otherwise-optimal house sound mix position. 57 custom-engineered and positioned baffles hanging from the dome’s rim absorb or scatter 90% of the sound waves whether approaching or returning from the dome, while also enhancing the dome’s dramatic appearance. Both speech intelligibility and music requirements were met beautifully as were the onerous requirements of the old structure and the National Park Service.  MCH provided full scope acoustical and audiovisual consulting services.

  • 3,000 seat contemporary Christian Church

  • $2M Audiovisual Systems

  • $11M Construction Cost

Architect:      Reveal Studio Architects
Completion:    2002