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The Village at Dos Vientos Ranch

Paraiso Town Center
Thousand Oaks, CA 

The Village at Dos Vientos Ranch is the social heart of the entire development, with a small retail area and a family park with playground.  During the summer months, the outdoor plaza at the Center hosts family-oriented movies after dusk and live music on weekends.

Authorities required surveys of ambient sound levels in surrounding areas soon after the Center opened.  Satisfying applicable ordinances and maintaining friendly relations with all residential neighbors was essential, but eliminating movies and music was highly unpopular.

It became clear at the outset of the surveys that simply turning off the plaza water features during these activities dramatically reduced background noise levels in the plaza, allowing movies and bands to play more quietly while retaining the full audible effect for the audiences.

This simple adjustment assured satisfaction of all code and public-relation concerns, and at no cost, while maintaining the full enjoyment of the Town Center’s activities.

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