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Patriots Stadium

Patriots Stadium
Foxboro, MA 

The New England Patriots needed to replace their outdated facilities with a new stadium complex. The Environmental Impact Statement required a study of potential noise impacts for large concerts that would also be held in the stadium, and whose sound levels were of specific concern.

In cooperation with all agencies, a protocol was developed to measure sound levels from the old stadium before its demolition and from the new stadium after its completion.  Test signals were played through the huge touring sound systems in the midst of the sound-check activities (requiring intensive preparation and coordination), and measured within the stadia and at standardized locations in neighborhoods around the stadia.  The results demonstrated that the facility could operate without affecting the operations, and special permitting hearings concerning noise impacts for individual concerts would not be necessary.

These studies were also instrumental in the development of Patriot Place, a super-regional indoor/outdoor shopping and entertainment destination.

Acoustical consulting provided as a Cavanaugh Tocci Associates, Sudbury, MA, project, K. Anthony Hoover, FASA, Principal Consultant.

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