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Exposition Metro

Los Angeles Metro Line Rail Authority

Santa Monica, CA

The Exposition Line is the first modern transit project to serve the western part of the Los Angeles area. The complete line from downtown Los Angeles through to the famous Santa Monica Pier became operational in 2016, with an overall budget of $2.4 Billion.

The Vehicle Maintenance Facility encompasses over 70,000 sq ft of building area on a narrow 9.7-acre site. It performs shop-related activities, including servicing, cleaning, inspection, and repair of light rapid transit (LRT) vehicles.  It includes a yard with a storage capacity of up to 45 LRT vehicles. 


It is located adjacent to the Bergamot Transit Station and the Art Gallery Complex. The area also includes an immediately-adjacent residential neighborhood and several recording studios.

MCH provided acoustical planning and design for this community-sensitive element plus local track and rail crossings, to ensure that any associated environmental noise and vibration impacts are fully mitigated. 

  • Architect: RNL Design (now Stantec)

  • Facility Budget: $90 Million

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