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Car Wash

Conico Oil

Oxnard, CA

Near to a new retirement facility and a restaurant, this Oxnard Car Wash needed to accomodate the City of Oxnard’s Noise Code. 

MCH provided acoustical measurements and analysis in order to predict future noise levels at the new Oxnard Car Wash. Sound data was derived from measurements collected at a similar Pasadena site. Existing Ambient noise levels were measured throughout the course of a day, to confirm the goals for the Oxnard Code. 

Important analysis included consideration of barrier extents such as height and length, Car Wash tunnel opening sizes, as well as strategically locating the Car Wash buildings on the site to take advantages of orientations and inherent building attenuations. 

Measured data from the existing Pasadena Car Wash was used  in predictive analysis for noise levels at the proposed Oxnard Site, accounting for a variety of differences at the Oxnard site, such as a shorter tunnel length, and blowers located closer to the tunnel outlet. MCH designed barriers that would adequately attenuate Car Wash noise to satisfy Oxnard’s Noise Code.

After several design considerations, MCH was able to develop a design capable of satisfying the Noise Code.

Ref: Conico Oil

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